Atkins Diet Phase 1 Food List

Among the foods allowed in the induction phase are all protein foods, healthy fats, and some low carb vegetables. All meats, poultry and seafood are allowed, but for cheeses, the consumption are limited to 4 oz a day as cheeses do have carbs in them. For healthy fats, the serving size is about 1 tablespoon.

Only 20 g net carbs are allowed a day in this phase, and about 12-15 g should be in the form of vegetables. There are a lot of vegetables to choose from, you can have lower carb salad vegetables or other higher carb choices. The amount of serving for each vegetable is different depends on the carb content of the vegetable chosen. 


Atkins Diet Phase 2 Food List

In addition to the food in the phase 1, now you can have higher carb foods such as some fruits, nuts and seeds. You can add 5 g daily net carbs a week, which you can get from these new foods. The amount of serving (for 5 g net carbs) for each food will be different depends on the carb content.

Atkins Diet Phase 3 Food List

At this phase, you will slow down your weight loss. You will add more variety of foods, including whole grains, legumes, starchy vegetables and more fruits to your diet. Together with the allowed food from the previous phases, you will have a variety eating plan.

In this phase, you will add 10 daily net carbs a week, which you can get from these new low-carb foods.


Atkins Diet Phase 4 Food List

Finally, you have reached your goal weight and it is stable now.  For Lifetime Maintenance, besides all allowed foods from previous phases, you can reintroduce more foods in the coming time, but be alert to foods which may cause carb intolerance.